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Capas Basic

This is a stockbroking product, primarily for those interested in trading stocks and building their own portfolios at their own pace and investment discretion.


  • Daily and Weekly Market analysis reports
  • Assigned in-house Relationship officer
  • Timely and professional execution of mandates
  • E-stock market news
  • News Letters
  • Daily price list
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Capas Silver

This product is aimed at maximizing growth on investment with our special feature of mobile alert advisory service.


  • Live trading floor news alert
  • Stock specific analysis
  • Daily and Weekly Market analysis reports
  • Monthly stocks and fund statement
  • Advisory services
  • Assigned in-house Relationship officer
  • E-stock market news
  • Daily price list
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Capas Gold

This product is for clients who are self-managing their Investment portfolios but require Investment Research and Advisory support. Capital Assets Ltd provides relevant research information to aid investment decision making with mobile phone and e-mail alerts. This Non-Discretionary portfolio management product is suitable for clients who have the time and who prefer to trade actively on their portfolios.


  • Monitoring and reviewing the portfolio account
  • Mobile alert of professional opinion on the portfolio as at when due
  • Comprehensive administration and reporting on your portfolio
  • Live market news alert- You will be alerted on corporate actions/news as they are announced on the trading floor.
  • Inclusion on our mobile phone and email alert mailing list, which means you will have access to additional investment information, earnings alert, stock market reports, market updates, market analysis, and stock recommendations.
  • Regular Investment advisory on your portfolio
  • Trading professionals and investment analysts at client's disposal for advice and to execute trades.
  • Monthly portfolio and fund statements
  • Assigned in-house Relationship Officer
  • Free online account access
  • Quarterly management fee covering the administration of the account will apply.
  • Efficient Stockbroking services
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Capas Platinum

This product provides discretionary management of diversified portfolios for long-term capital growth. Capital Assets Limited takes over the management of the client's portfolio. Under CAPAS PLATINUM clients are still able to monitor what goes on with their investment portfolio through free access to the Central Securities Clearing System and the Trade Alerts. It is best suited for clients who want to be relieved of the burden of managing their investment portfolios.


  • Monitoring and reviewing the portfolio account.
  • A tailored long-term investment strategy is created
  • A dedicated, qualified portfolio manager is assigned
  • The portfolio manager has discretion to make investment decisions on the clients’ behalf, adhering to guidelines laid down by the client in relation to income, risk profile, investment objective or ethical concerns.
  • Ensures efficient management and swift reaction as circumstances dictate
  • Providing efficient Stock Broking services
  • Quarterly management fee covering the administration of the account will apply
  • Regular monthly reports are provided
  • Free CSCS online account access
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